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What is the HSR  project?

The California High-Speed Rail (HSR) project is a future high-speed rail system, operating high-speed trains capable of 220 mph linking San Francisco and Los Angeles in as little as two and a half hours. The system would also serve other major California cities, including Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, Bakersfield, Anaheim, and San Diego.

Where can I get more info?

The California HSR Authority (CHSRA) has a web site here.

To see an interactive route map, go here.

What does the HSR project mean to San Jose?

Diridon Station will be the HSR station in San Jose, and will be an important station in the HSR system.

The 2008 CHSRA Business Plan estimates an average of 9 - 10 HSR trains per hour in each direction by 2030 during the 6 morning and afternoon peak hours. Almost all of these will stop at Diridon station. CHSRA also predicts the system will carry tens of millions of passengers per year, with a sizable share of intra-state travel (especially air travel) expected to switch to HSR.

One of the most important questions for San Jose is the choice of the track route and configuration north and south of Diridon station. As of May, 2010, the HSR Authority is completing an Alternative Analysis Study that will look at seven different alignments to access the Diridon Station. These alignment alternatives include four above-grade options (which would likely mean large aerial structures) and three tunnel options.

The HSR Authority is still considering the amount of parking necessary to support the HSR project at the Diridon Station and the location and design of the parking.

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